Hello Everyone.

Since my childhood I was very creative.
But it was not long before I had made the choice for myself to really to go do something.
Sometimes there are circumstances in your path so that you are going to make that choice. Previously


With my 40th I decided to paint and was so much fun and inspiration. I not rather do this than my days vullen.I to get energy and love to be able to create something from scratch.


The inspiration found in nature and in the special bike lanes surrounding landscape dieren.

Something what touches me in my heart, then landed on the doek.

Sometimes figuration and funny with a bit of humor like the cows .

But surely built a beautiful skyline what fascinates me because it conceived from those types and built like and beautifully against a sky party state to shine.

Or just because I want to paint and work with the colors and shapes to see what happens and how it forms.

Late and all loose from the casting abstract

In short, my life is always surprising and fascinating and I enjoy it.


And I'm glad I can art and can make

Moreover, I can combine it with my beautiful view in which I can get anything to go.

Working the hours and times of inspiration

Artistic greeting,